Ai V6

Ai V6 is now available for free public download.


This version is fully featured, but it will flash white on all outputs every 2 minutes until a dongle or software licence is installed.

AiM Codec


The truly revolutionary AiM Codec. A cross platform Quicktime codec available exclusively to Ai users at no additional cost for use in any Quicktime capable application.

Ai Manual


The quickstart guide contains descriptions of all Ai software features and a brief description of each of the Salvation modules.

Ai Installation Tips

When running in windows 7 please disable UAC, there is a brief description of how to do this here.  This will prevent relentless windows pop ups asking your permission to perform basic tasks like automatic folder creation and drag and drop files.

After installation please right click the icon created on the desktop and select properties, then go to the compatibility tab and select 'Run as Administrator'.

After you have installed please take a look at the readme.txt file contained in C:/Program Files/Avolites/Ai/Distrib/readme.txt.  This file contains installation instructions for dongle drivers and a handy set of basic keyboard commands..

Ai Tutorial Videos

Please take a look at our vimeo page for some basic introductory tutorial video's:

Tutorial Videos

Ai Minimum System Requirements 


Intel CPU with at least 4 cores, preferably i7


–    1 or 2 matching Nvidia Graphics Cards with at least 512Mb of RAM, purchased after 2009.
-or- 1 AMD Firepro Graphics Card purchased after 2011.

(on board intel graphics will not work)


–    7200 RPM Hard disc drive for 2x layers of 1080p
-or- Single SSD Drive for 3x layers of 1080p media
-or- x2 SSD RAID 0 drives up to 6x 1080p or 1x 4k
-or- x4 SSD RAID 0 drives up to 8x 1080p or 2x 4k

Optional Capture Cards: 

–    Blackmagic Decklink / Intensity
-or- Active Silicon Phoenix HD SDI
-or- Datapath Vision SD4+1 DVI plus 4 SD