Avolites Media’s Ai Media Server Has The X Factor
Immersive Ltd and Avolites Media Maximize Impact on The X Factor Contestant Glamour Shoot

Having spotted Immersive’s vast scope of content creation and architectural mapping work, The X factor’s Director and DOP at Talkback Thames selected Immersive as their preferred creative and technical solution company to undertake the famous X Factor contestant shoot back in November 2011 at Teddington Studios, London utilizing the Ai Media Server. 

The X Factor is a global phenomenon since its launch in the UK seven year’s ago, becoming Europe’s largest Talent search programme. As aspiring singers from all over the country enter in the hopes of reaching stardom. The show itself has reached unprecedented levels of viewers topping 13 million in this year’s final alone.

The contestant opening scenes, created by Immersive Ltd, acted as a pivotal introductory shot to each of the entrants as they took to the stage every weekend. Once whittled down to the final sixteen entrants and ahead of the live shows commencing, Immersive Ltd were tasked to complete their take on one of the most hailed set design and content driven clips featured within the TV show. Immersive MD, Mark Calvert comments: ‘Our reputation for offering outstanding conceptual content with our high end animation team pared with our technical knowledge of video mapping led us to being recommended for The X Factor production.’

The design and set production incorporated 3 35,000 Lumen Projectors and 2 RGB Lasers, all of which were supplied by LM Productions. Immersive Ltd presented the perfect solution as a high-end technical specialization company. ‘Talkback Thames technical team had a clear understanding of the capacity our AI Media Server has as a live tool, which they felt critical In a TV shoot environment’ Mark stated.

Immersive Ltd utilized the server to craft an extensive collection of styles which could be called upon hour after hour, without delay, rendering from a timeline. As part of its collaboration, Immersive used the Ai AiS-T Media Server as manufactured solely by Avolites Media. This offers a versatile and technically innovative solution. ‘We used the three DVI outputs over fiber links from the Ai machine. Our bespoke Infrared tracking system was utilized to map onto the contestants and Studio Set; we designed the set to suit the needs of the Director, Oscar Carriss.’

Immersive’s design process always starts by questioning every aspect of the project that they’ve been asked to undertake. On this occasion focus turned to Projection Mapping and Laser technology. TV studios are often compiled of flat LED screens in a predictable configuration. Immersive Ltd challenged this by utilizing the entire space open to them within the studio, increasing the effect of depth and illusion and ultimately the visual impact. Mark revealed ‘we also appropriated the use of lasers in a very imaginative way; by altering the refresh rate of the laser and combining this with changing the frame-rate of the cameras. It resulted in the laser vanishing mid-beam, then re-appearing a few frames later - an effect only possible on camera, and not viewable by the naked eye’.

‘To say that budget was tight would be an understatement. The chance to work with The X Factor team was a great opportunity.’ stated Mark. Immersive Ltd’s efforts were well received by those they worked with: ‘strongest and most exciting look we have ever created for The X Factor Glamour shots’ comments Nathaniel Hill, DOP.

In addition to The X factor, Avolites Media’s Ai Media Server is a product tried and tested by Immersive on several high profile projects to date. Steve Warren, Managing Director of Avolites Media Ltd, names two instances of Immersive and the Ai winning combination:

 ‘spectacular results were created by immersive Ltd on Eric Prydz’s Epic Tour as well as the recent Pan Arab Games opening ceremony using our Ai Media Server.’  He added, ‘our Goal is clear, we will produce hardware and software solutions that will enable designers to produce coherent and stimulating visual environments by controlling lighting and video as one visual medium.’
Besides product development of the Ai brand, Steve Warren is focused on continuing the reputation and relationship that Avolites Media Ltd and Immersive Ltd have shaped together. ‘This is the most exciting project I have worked on in my 28 year career with Avolites. Dave Green, Trey Harrison and the Immersive team are inspirational. I am confident that together, with Avolites Media’s global distribution family and performance engineering expertise, we will make good on our promise to define the future.’

Editors Notes:

Avolites Media: Avolites media Ltd began in 2011 as part of the Avolites Ltd. group. Sole manufacturer of the Ai Media Server brand and producing hardware and software solutions that will enable designers to produce coherent and stimulating visual environments by controlling lighting  and video as one visual medium.

Immersive: Immersive are redefining the public arts and live production industries through a combination of creative development and technical innovation. The company’s unique studio model unites the efforts of directors, artists, programmers, designers, producers and technical specialists, resulting in a deeply collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to making immersive installations, live stage shows, and bespoke creative explorations.

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