As the boundaries between lighting and video merge, the creative possibilities are ever increasing. With Avolites Ai, this is an exciting time to be a visual designer.


Dave Green - one of the godfathers of this revolution – began working on this concept in 1997, creating the Addict Server. Drawing on his vast experience and enviable know-how, he teamed up with Trey Harrison to create a media server that mapped video files into a 3D stream and incorporated an intuitive, user-friendly touchscreen control surface.


Under the umbrella of Immersive, that system evolved into the Ai Media Server, now owned and manufactured by Avolites Media, which retains Dave Green as Head of Development.


“Needless to say we’ve ensured that our move into video is at the highest level,” says Avolites’ Managing Director Ric Salzedo. “The sophisticated specification and capability of Ai is unquestionable. Avolites customers will see us produce hardware controllers for media server products, which offer a hands-on, intuitive interface to what has been essentially a software product. In addition we are working towards full integration of this control surface with Avolites lighting consoles. We’re currently developing a system that features custom applications and intuitive graphic interfaces so that we can present Ai to the visual designer in intuitive and recognisable Avolites format. These are exciting times to be a designer.”