Avolites Media servers were born form the union between Avolites Media and Immersive, distilling 25 years of design engineering expertise and world-class skills.

The boundaries between lighting and video are blurring, meaning that rather than programming each fixture individually, a luminarie can be treated like a pixel in a 3D picture incorporating screens, projectors and LED nodes. The creative possibilities are limitless.

Today, to enable Immersive to concentrate and develop their show and content production business the full ownership of all
 Ai Intellectual property rights are now held by Avolites Media Ltd.

Avolites Media will manufacture and continue to develop the Ai range of Media Control products.

The Ai Media Servers were created to facilitate the future of live entertainment lighting and video. It features a wealth of unique characteristics that secures its pole position, already attracting flattering feedback from many of the worlds most respected lighting and video designers.

The Ai Media Servers are tailored for the professional show designers, content producers and artists. It delivers the crucial tools equipping you to sculpt even the most elaborate composition multi-media inputs, outputs and triggers. Fast, efficient and intuitive, the Ai Media products enable seamless delivery of multi-media video projects at any scale and venue.

Ai - imagination just got wings.